NEO Engineering is a consulting firm, whose vocation is to facilitate management and development of restaurants.

All our missions are custom made. We bring a first range added value to our clients, that results in  :

  • More autonomy in making up of decisions ;
  • A better quality of strategic options ;
  • A larger independance towards employees, financial partners and landlords ;
  • The identification of high potential development alternatives ;
  • A better human climate within the organization ;
  • A better communication and information transmission at different levels of your company ;
  • A better return on investment and human workforce, thanks to activity growth, better profit margins and softer operational conditions.

Whatever maybe the nature of our service –strategic consulting, in depth diagnosis, coaching of leader, teambuilding, feasibility study, training, trend safari-, NEO Engineering works in close relation with you and your teams who get involved in sequences of the mission.

Since creation of NEO Engineering ten years ago, more than 70 clients have benefited from our expertise. And you ?


Availability, respect, confidentiality and progress are primary values of NEO Engineering.

Professional ethics

We are an independant consulting firm subject to professional secrecy. Our terms of sale point out a confidentiality clause for information that is brought to our attention. 100% of NEO Engineering capital is detained by its founder, Laurent Pailhès.