Because feasibility of a restaurant project is subject to the unbreakable motivation of the leader, our studies are monitored closely with our clients’ wishes and realities. We treat together all aspects of feasibility : study of economic market and of financial requirements.


  • Analysis of the expected restaurant concept

Study of acquisition opportunities

  • Analysis of acquisition conditions of the foreseen business
  • Analysis of managing conditions of the foreseen business
  • Restaurant zoning : insight planning of storage, production and service spaces
  • Study of the return on investment

Market study

  • Assessment of closeby restaurants offer
  • Complete diagnosis of demand in the area
  • Touristic, industrial and commercial study of the area
  • External opinion on the ideal positioning of a new establishment and services

Financial feasibility

  • Planning of human resources needs, definition of job descriptions and calculation of labor cost
  • Production of the business model
  • Evaluation of overall construction cost
  • Assessment of financial feasibility
  • Production of financial statements

Summary report and business plan

  • Writing of a summary report and of the business plan
  • Presentation of the business plan to financial partners

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