Our studies help you decide on the relevance of your development projects, in all areas of restaurant business : feasibility, in-depth diagnosis, market research and business plan.

Enhancement of your uniqueness and search for consistency between your product offer and customers expectations are the foundation of our posture. We confront your idea with the reality of the market, in respect of economic and financial balances specific to the restaurant industry.

Economic and financial feasibility study

Because success of a restaurant project is correlated with the involvement of the restaurateur and of his team, our studies are carried out as closely as possible to the wishes and realities of our customers. We deal together with all aspects of feasibility: economic balances and financial requirements.

Market research

The market study identifies the current expectations of of a restaurant clientele in an area of influence, whether these expectations are explicitly formulated or not. The search for a correlation between the expectations thus updated and the trends in the restaurant industry makes it possible to reflect the uniqueness of an investigation area. The sector is evolving quickly, customers behavior is changing. Thanks to our market research, you benefit from a modern and relevant perspective on the positioning of a new restaurant offer.

In-depth restaurant diagnosis

NEO Engineering’s in-depth diagnosis provides you with a professional, external and neutral opinion on the added value of a restaurant or of a restaurant group. All aspects of restaurant management and development are assessed, in order to improve activity and profitability. Processes to be corrected or implemented are transmitted to the teams, who establish the action plan themselves.

Realization of business plan

A business plan for restaurant must reflect characteristics of the profession and respond to the format expected by the bank. The business plan is also and above all a solid basis for setting up conditions for success of your new restaurant. Choice of financing method, activity forecast, staffing models, food and beverage cost are components which are screened to make forecasts achievement credible.