NEO Engineering supports your development projects in all areas of restaurant business: conceptualization, card or menu board repositioning, restaurant enhancement, profitability improvement.

Highlighting your uniqueness and seeking consistency between your product offering and your customers expectations are at the heart of our consulting posture. Along with the respect of economic and financial balances, up to the concept deployment on site.

Conceptualization and creation of a restaurant brand

We work together on the emergence of a restaurant brand that stands out advantageously from the competition. Its offer becomes obvious to deploy. All aspects of a concept creation are treated in a creative, caring and methodical way, from thought to concrete realization.

Creation of a restaurant menu and of a menu board

To make your food and beverage offer more attractive, the menu and the menu board must reflect your concept as closely as possible and comply with the readibility rules for your customers. Creation or redesign of a menu is established together, drawing inspiration from excellence in restaurant business.

Improvment of restaurant

Improving a restaurant consists of setting up the conditions to achieve two results: an increase in activity, therefore in revenue, and an improvement of the operating profit. The positioning and profitability of a restaurant are two inseparable components because they are interdependent. We help you in the creation of an unprecedented value for your restaurant or for your group of restaurants.

Improvement in net profitability

Profitability of your restaurant business depends on the conditions under which the operation is carried out and on the choice that has been made in terms of structural charges. First, we need to establish a basis for comparison : according to which standards can your restaurant be more profitable? We roll out the principles of financial management specifically to the restaurant industry components. This is we get sustainable profitability gains.