Creation of a restaurant menu and of a menu board

To make your food and beverage offer more attractive, the menu and the menu board must reflect your concept as closely as possible and comply with the readibility rules for your customers.

Creation or redesign of a menu is established together, drawing inspiration from excellence in restaurant business.


  • Collection and analysis of the restaurant concept
  • Definition of the vision


  • Study of innovative restaurant concepts around the world
  • Evaluation of restaurants offer in the area of immediate proximity

Diagnosis from a customer point of view

  • Analysis of menu items popularity (menu engineering)
  • Analysis of customers sensory perceptions (customer flow, meal experience)

Set up of the food and beverage offer

  • Definition of food, beverage and other product ranges
  • Definition of service modes (table service, counter service, takeaway, deliveries)
  • Definition of items and appellations within F&B ranges
  • Carry out of culinary production workshops and creation of recipes technical sheets
  • Determination of standard cost for the restaurant

Menu layout

  • Layout of the menu on different supports (menu, menu board, digital file, , flyer, slate…)
  • Set up of prices for sale

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