Market research

The market study identifies the current expectations of of a restaurant clientele in an area of ​​influence, whether these expectations are explicitly formulated or not. The search for a correlation between the expectations thus updated and the trends in the restaurant industry makes it possible to reflect the uniqueness of an investigation area.

The sector is evolving quickly, customers behavior is changing. Thanks to our market research, you benefit from a modern and relevant perspective on the positioning of a new restaurant offer.


  • Collection and analysis of the expected restaurant concept

Acquisition opportunity study

  • Analysis of the acquisition conditions of the foreseen site
  • On site evaluation ot the layout and surfaces
  • Immersion in the immediate environment
  • Calculation and analysis of the return on investment

Economic feasibility study

  • Study of the tourist, industrial and commercial panorama in the area of influence
  • Study of the restaurant offer in the area of influence
  • Diagnosis and evolution of customer demand
  • Determination of the type of restaurant best suitable
  • Definition of the economic business model of the project


  • Panorama of trends in the restaurant industry, in France and abroad
  • Identification of a dozen restaurant concepts close to your project in France and abroad
  • In situ study of restaurant concepts from the customer’s point of view
  • Definition in one or two pages of the vision for your restaurant concept
  • Creation of a mood board illustrating the concept


  • Establishment of a summary report, including a professional external opinion on the adequacy of your concept with the market, current and to come