Realization of business plan

A business plan for restaurant must reflect characteristics of the profession and respond to the format expected by the bank. The business plan is also and above all a solid basis for setting up conditions for success of your new restaurant.

Choice of financing method, activity forecast, staffing models, food and beverage cost are components which are screened to make forecasts achievement credible. The allocation of the bank loan also depends on how the project has been presented and argued.


  • Collection and analysis of the restaurant concept
  • Definition of the vision

First approach of the return on investment

  • Analysis of the acquisition conditions of the targeted site
  • Analysis of the operating conditions of the targeted site
  • Caculation and analysis of the return on investment

Implementation study

  • Study of the tourist, industrial and commercial panorama in the area of influence
  • Study of the restaurant offer in the area of influence
  • Diagnosis and evolution of customer demand
  • External opinion on the positioning of a new establishment

Realization of business plan

  • Definition of staffing needs, job descriptions and calculation of standard payroll cost
  • Establishment of business model
  • Programming (zoning) of storage, production and service spaces
  • Assessment of the overall cost of the equipment
  • Evaluation of financial feasibility
  • Production of financial statements

Presentation of the request for financing

  • Presentation of the project to several bank managers and brokers
  • Selection of three potential financial partners
  • Making of the complete business plan
  • Decision follow-up

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