In-depth restaurant diagnosis

NEO Engineering’s restaurant audit gives you a professional, external and neutral opinion on the added value of a restaurant or of a restaurant group.

All aspects of your restaurant’s production, taste, service and promotion are analyzed to improve patronage and profitability.

NEO Engineering’s diagnosis consists of putting in place conditions to achieve two results: an improvement in clientele frequentation, and therefore sales, and an improvement in operating profit.

Your operations benefit from a high level of expertise, so as to maximize  conditions for achieving the desired goals.

  • Is your restaurant offer clearly stated ? Does it meet current customer expectations ?
  • Would a client unfamiliar with your establishment be inclined to decide to  come to your restaurant ?
  • Does your restaurant give itself every chance to stand out from the competition ?
  • Are your food products adapted to your clientele and prepared with taste ?
  • Does your beverage offer complement accordingly the meal experience?
  • Does your team share your company’s values ? Are clients welcomed and served properly in your establishment ?
  • Can your restaurant be more profitable?


  • Collection and analysis of the restaurant concept
  • Study of the tourist, industrial and commercial panorama in the area of influence
  • Study of the restaurant offer in the area of influence
  • Diagnosis and evolution of customer demand
  • Definition of the business model of the project

Diagnosis from a customer point of view

  • Trends overview in food and beverage consumption outside home, in France and abroad
  • Evaluation of restaurants offer in the area of immediate proximity
  • Analysis of customers sensory perceptions (customer flow, meal experience)
  • Diagnosis of customer satisfaction and customer demand

Diagnosis from a management point of view

  • Assessment of location, production layout and service spaces
  • General evaluation of menu or menu board and of pricing positionning
  • Analysis of menu items popularity (menu engineering)
  • Analysis of revenue in price (average sale) and In quantity (number of covers)
  • Determination of the standard food and beverage cost for the restaurant
  • Analysis of payroll in relation to the workload and staffing needs
  • Analysis of economic results compared to averages observed in the restaurant industry
  • Analysis of financial statements


  • Observation of production and service flows
  • Conducting of core business interviews with employees
  • Debriefing on the strengths and weaknesses of your organization

Action plan

  • Study of the actual marketing plan
  • Writing and presentation of a summary report that includes fundamentals to follow to improve your restaurants
  • Implementation of priority work areas that have been validated with your team

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