About us

NEO Engineering is a consulting firm, whose vocation is to support the organization and development of restaurants. All of NEO Engineering’s work is carried out by its founder and owner, Laurent Pailhès.

Coach and consultant, Laurent Pailhès has a rich experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. He has operated in this field of activity for over thirty years. He has worked with large groups and small business in France and abroad, before creating NEO Engineering in 2004. He supported the creation, acquisition and development of more than a hundred restaurants and profit centers. He gathers the following key skills : coaching, team support, restaurant and corporate finance expertise.

To carry out its missions, NEO Engineering collaborates with complementary talents trained and supervised according to identified needs: market researcher, kitchen designer, database processing expert, chef, specialized graphic designer, client investigator, trainer. These different practicing talents share the values of NEO Engineering and generate added value with the pleasure of the craftsman who loves a job well done.

Why choose NEO Why choose NEO Engineering ?

A field of expertise in all aspects of restaurant busines

The professionalism of a coach / consultant speaking the same language as you

Long experience in leading change in human organizations

The proximity and reactivity of a human-sized consulting firm

A unique added value base on the opening of more than 100 restaurants

Knowledge of customer trends through permanent research

The experience in developing profitable restaurant products

An independent firm financially owned 100% by its owner

The highlighting of your objectives and of your company’s culture

Values and ethics

Professionalism, listening, respect and human progress are the founding values of NEO Engineering.

We are an independent consulting firm submitted to professional secrecy. Aware of its external advisory posture, NEO Engineering is in no way involved in management of its clients’ affairs and, therefore, refrains from exercising any abuse of influence. NEO Engineering provides intellectual, consultancy and study services. It takes on all the means at his disposal to satisfy his customers, in accordance with the rules of the art, based on his training and experience. NEO Engineering adapts its intervention in accordance with development stages of its customers.