Conceptualization and creation of a restaurant brand

We work together on the emergence of a restaurant brand that stands out advantageously from the competition. Its offer becomes obvious to deploy.

All aspects of a concept creation are treated in a creative, caring and methodical way, from thought to concrete realization.


  • Definition of the vision, the ambition, the values and of principles of action
  • Study of conceptual restaurant trends in France and around the world
  • Definition of the concept and of a range of products and services

Study of acquisition opportunities

  • Planning (zoning) of storage, production and service spaces
  • Assessment of acquisition opportunities (return on investment)
  • Study of the tourist, industrial and commercial panorama in the targeted area
  • Study of the restaurant offer in the targeted area
  • Diagnosis and evolution of customer demand

Creation of food and beverage offer

  • Elaboration of the restaurant menu or menu board
  • Carry out of culinary production workshops
  • Creation of recipes technical sheets


  • Planning of human resources needs, definition of job descriptions and calculation of forecasted payroll
  • Realization of the business plan and search for financing
  • Recruitment, integration and training of employees
  • Set up of ideal delegation conditions
  • Establishment of work processes in the kitchen, in the dining room and at the counter
  • Supervision of recruitment, training and integration of staff

Scheduling of tasks

  • Establishment of a marketing plan and supervision of the commercial action
  • Scheduling of tasks until restaurant opening
  • Support and consulting during opening time of restaurant

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