Improvement in net profitability

Profitability of your restaurant business depends on the conditions under which the operation is carried out and on the choice that has been made in terms of structural charges. First, we need to establish a basis for comparison : according to which standards can your restaurant be more profitable?

We roll out the principles of financial management specifically to the restaurant industry components. This is we get sustainable profitability gains.


  • Collection and analysis of the restaurant concept
  • Assessment of location, production layout and service spaces
  • General evaluation of menu or menu board and of pricing positionning
  • Analysis of revenue in price (average sale) and In quantity (number of covers)
  • Determination of the standard food and beverage cost for the restaurant
  • Analysis of the payroll in relation to the workload and staffing needs
  • Analysis of economic results compared to averages observed in the restaurant industry
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Co establishment of a list of investments to be made and of their financing method

Monthly analysis of results

  • Definition of key management indicators
  • Establishment of a monthly operating budget
  • Upgrading of inventory taking and valuation techniques
  • Establishment of a statement of account specific to your organization, by profit center
  • Implementation of a tailor-made budget reporting and control
  • Analysis of discrepancies between achievement and budget

Synthesis and implementation of corrective actions

  • Writing of a monthly summary report which includes recommendations to improve profitability
  • Transmission to the Management Committee and appropriation by the team

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