Economic and financial feasibility study

Because success of a restaurant project is correlated with the involvement of the restaurateur and of his team, our studies are carried out as closely as possible to the wishes and realities of our customers.

We deal together with all aspects of feasibility: economic balances and financial requirements.


  • Collection and analysis of the expected restaurant concept

Acquisition opportunity study

  • Analysis of the acquisition conditions of the foreseen site
  • On site evaluation ot the layout and surfaces
  • Immersion in the immediate environment
  • Calculation and analysis of the return on investment

Economic feasibility study

  • Study of the tourist, industrial and commercial panorama in the area of influence
  • Study of the restaurant offer in the area of influence
  • Diagnosis and evolution of customer demand
  • Determination of the type of restaurant best suitable
  • Definition of the economic business model

Financial feasibility study

  • Programming (zoning) of storage, production and service spaces
  • Assessment of the overall cost of the equipment
  • Definition of the financial feasibility framework
  • Definition of staffing needs, job descriptions and calculation of standard payroll cost
  • Definition of the financial business model
    Production of forecasted financial statements


  • Establishment of a summary report, including a series of recommendations to be observed so that the project finds a form of feasibility