Food Hall

Nice, French Riviera, 2019 to today


This distribution group is completely repositioning its product and service offer. It also creates a food hall which must be included in an existing structure and organization, with its values and its mode of operation. For its owner, it is about creating an innovative restaurant concept that can both appeal to its customers today and those of tomorrow.

Objective : conceptualize, build and create an innovative and profitable restaurant concept.

Our mission begins with a study of 24 Food Halls in France, thus allowing a solid basis to inspire a positioning of concept. Which concept must naturally fit into the constraints and opportunities of the site and its culture: customer profiles, market, area of influence. Several proposals are made to help in the decision making process. Our consulting expertise and guidance provide neutral and outside advice on all aspects of restaurant management : work monitoring, marketing, recruitment, F&B offer and opening assistance. The NEO Engineering client fully appropriates a restaurant concept that suits him, as well as the managerial foundations for bringing it to life and developing it.