To succeed in the creation of your concept, you receive a full guidance process, covering all aspects of restaurant development. Rolling out of the mission is methodical and adjusted to your situation.


  • Definition and enhancement of concept
  • Study of trendy restaurant concepts throughout the world
  • Concept implications in terms of product and service

Study of acquisition opportunities

  • Restaurant zoning : insight planning of storage, production and service spaces
  • Assessment of acquisition opportunities (premises visit and return on investment)

Creation of menu

  • Definition of menu ranges and items (menu board)
  • Carry out of culinary workshops
  • Creation of standard recipes


  • Planning of human resources needs, definition of job descriptions and calculation of labor cost
  • Writing of business plan, search for financing
  • Recruitment, integration and employees training
  • Setting up of ideal conditions of power delegation
  • Definition of working process in the kitchen, the dining room and at the counter
  • Writing of the business plan

Task planning

  • Production of a marketing plan
  • Tasks planning and classification up to three months after opening
  • Consulting during opening time

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