To make your offer more attractive, the menu must closely reflect your concept and must respect lay out rules for your clients. The making up of a menu is being made possible, among other techniques, by getting inspired by best restaurant practices.

The menu is an essential tool for your restaurant. Need help to achieve it ?


  • Analysis of the expected restaurant concept


  • Study of trendy restaurant concepts throughout the world
  • Assessment of closeby restaurants offer

Actual menu analysis

  • Analysis of menu items popularity (menu engineering)
  • Analysis of clients perceptions (client path, meal expérience)

Making the menu

  • Definition of food, beverage and other product range
  • Definition of service modes (table, counter, take away, delivery)
  • Definition of items and appellations within product ranges
  • Carry out of culinary workshops
  • Creation of standard recipes
  • Determining of standard cost for the restaurant

Layout of the menu

  • Layout of menu, web file and promotion board
  • Setting of menu prices