Developing restaurants consists in achieving two results : improvement of activity, therefore of the revenue, and improvement of profit margins. In reality, we have pointed out, along many consulting missions, that restaurant positioning and restaurant profitability are two tied components. One goes with the other. Our mission helps you through an in-depth diagnosis to decide on a series of recommendations.


  • Analysis of the restaurant concept

Diagnosis from a client point of view

  • Analysis of client perceptions (client path, meal experience)
  • Assessment of clientele satisfaction

Complete internal diagnosis

  • Assessment of location and of storage, production and service spaces
  • Evaluation of menu board, of product offer and pricing positioning (value for money)
  • Analysis of menu items popularity (menu engineering)
  • Analysis of revenue in price (average sale) and In quantity (number of covers)
  • Determining of standard cost for the restaurant
  • Analysis of  labor cost compared to workload and staffing needs
  • Analysis of profit margins compared to standard ratios in the restaurant industry
  • Analysis of financial requirements


  • Audit of production and service processes
  • On site interviews with employees
  • Debriefing on forces and improvement issues


  • Discovery and analysis of trendy restaurant concepts in the world
  • Assessment of closeby restaurants offer
  • Study of actual marketing actions in place

Summary report

  • Writing and presentation of a synthesis report that includes fundamentals to improve your restaurant units

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