South of France, 2009 to today


This establishment of assistance and service through work (ESAT in French) trains and employs disabled persons. It holds a central kitchen and proposes a catering service. This NEO Engineering customer obtains the management contract of a company cafeteria thanks to a market offer response. The contract holds the annual conduct of a customer satisfaction survey in order to measure whether the service provided matches the promise made at engagement. NEO Engineering coaches the catering development and completes the annual customer survey.

Objective : conduct a customer survey in such a way that it becomes a source of strong engagement between the restaurant contractor and its client.

NEO Engineering builds the questionnaire in co-production with its client. The balance between closed and open questions is skilfully studied. The questionnaires are administered in the restaurant before or after the meal. The NEO pollster sits down with the interviewee for an face to face interview of 5 to 10 minutes. Each year, the survey is administered to a panel of 200 clients. The synthesis includes graphs and comments, and verbatim of cafeteria customers. The analysis resulted in the lengthening of the opening hours, the installation of a second cash register at the counter, the setting up of a salad bar, etc. Revenue doubled in three years. The restaurant management contract has been recently renewed for a period of five years.