Restaurant and wine cellar

Paris, 2018


For this Paris Rive Gauche restaurant, the drop in customer attendance has become very worrying. Its owner contacts NEO Engineering to help him bring in new customers and bring back regulars.

Objective : develop frequentation of a restaurant in a very competitive context.

This restaurant and wine cellar is facing new competition from a bakery and a juice bar. Our mission is to recalibrate the offer and clarify the customer experience. The menu range is cut down by half. Each word on the card is studied. The wraps are removed. Simple plates made from fresh products are tested during a technical sheet workshop. Some of them are adopted. The facade is repainted, objects and messages out of concept are removed, a clear base line is affixed in window stickers under the logo. Wine cartons are stored in the restaurant. Wine prices are marked directly on the bottles. Finally, a well-designed slate highlights the dish of the day outside the establishment. Attendance increases by 50% in 6 months.