Restaurant Bar Lounge

Brittany, France, 2012


For this restaurant of very good taste in Brittany, in the Côtes d’Armor, overlooking the ocean, the challenge is to optimize attendance and profitability in a tense real estate context. Leaders are seeking more compensation for their involvment.

Objective : optimize net profitability to better reward financial and labor investment made in the restaurant.

Customer experience is scrutinized and put into perspective with restaurant offer in the immediate surroundings. Employees contribute to the analysis of product client relationship. Restaurant offer is improved in terms of range and of graphic design to better reflect meals quality served to customers. A range of seafood is included on the menu. A more direct signage is put into place to better indicate the restaurant. The words “bar, brasserie, pizzeria” are deleted. Only “restaurant, bar, lounge” are kept. A distancing of daily operations by one of the managers was made possible thanks to the successful promotion of an employee. A cash flow statement is drawn up to allow debt rescheduling with banks and to increase remunerations.