Chain of fast food restaurants

Ile-de-France, 2011 to today


For this chain of fast food restaurants with three large operations in Ile-de-France, the question of delegation is central : how to recruit and supervise a manager? With their activity growing, managers want to better drive development and control profitability.

Objective : lead the development of a fast food chain.

NEO Engineering support spans several years. Individual interviews with the teams, coupled with training in Leadership and Management, set up the necessary conditions for a successful delegation. The managers understand that development requires more distant management. The issue is about giving more responsibility, combined with control, to the newly promoted Manager and Assistant Manager. This allows chain leaders to focus on opening of a third unit. At the same time, rises the issue of general profitability. The consolidation of results can sometimes hide problems on the field of operations. Very precise work on recipe technical sheets and reporting of monthly results quickly improve operating margins. Accounting data is analyzed every month instead of the traditional half-yearly situation. The change of salad packaging, the reduction of the portions of sauce, the change from fresh avocado to frozen avocado are some of the examples that help to gain precious F&B cost points, without changing product client relationship. Finally, the creation of a holding company introduces the concept of management fees and prepares for the activity of franchisor.