Traditional restaurant

Marseille, 2017 to 2018


This restaurant with a superb location suffers from a lack of attractiveness. Its owner calls on our services to increase attendance by 20%, particularly in the evening.

Objective : develop the revenue of a very well located restaurant and yet hardly visible.

The NEO Engineering diagnosis shows the pressing need to highlight the offer of this restaurant. A base line is defined, a story is told as a preamble to the menu, the ranges of à la carte items are reformulated, each word making up the items on the menu is studied. The new menu passes through the expert hands of a NEO Engineering partner, restaurant graphic designer. A new menu holder is found, visuals hanging on the outside of the establishment are redesigned. The formulation of the daily specials is clearly visible to customers from outside the establishment. The website is completely redone. A Google Adwords campaign is launched. The restaurant has 30% more customers throughout the day.