Team commitment is a matter of sharing a purpose, a vision and values. To each restaurant group, one vision. To each organization level, one language. We advise on the actual layout of your strategic vision within the business units. Because you are looking for matching your wishes as a leader and the way events are really taking place on the field in your restaurants.


  • Analysis of the five components of the vision
  • Identification of values and action principles around those values

Coaching of management committee

  • Presentation of strategic vision to a management committee
  • Diagnosis on site within the restaurants : employee climate, client satisfaction, profitability
  • Identification of work issues of primary matter

Team building et co-développement

  • Training in Leadership et management
  • Leading of strategic workshops (team building) and co-development
  • Follow up of real situations of change (leading change)
  • Follow up of the action plan

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