Group of restaurants

France, 2012 to 2017


For this group with more than 50 restaurants, the challenge is to better recruit seasonal staff. The most qualified employees are sometimes already hired elsewhere when recruitment needs are expressed. Recruitment announcements do not always match operational needs. The CEO wants to put an end to the complaints of his operational directors related to the supposed ineffectiveness of the Human Resources department.

Objective : optimize the recruitment of several hundred employees twice a year.

Recruitment in restaurant business is first of all a matter of anticipation. We question processes with human resources managers, to establish what we call a flowchart. Which shows precisely where are the hot spots that prevent any kind of anticipation. Operational needs are formulated too late, recruitments made locally have not gone back to HR. Systematic updating of the CV library increases the staff retention rate from one season to the next by 20%. The implementation of an astonishment report during the week of welcoming a new employee increases the confirmation of the employee to his position, which reduces the pressure on recruitment. Lastly, support from the Management Committee streamline communication, better defines needs and treats the issue of human resources collectively.