Large international food distribution brand

France, 2014 to 2015


At the request of its President, this international food distribution brand wishes to set up a concept of pizza kiosks in the parking lots of its shopping centers. In a very competitive context, the Development Director seeks to deploy the new concept in the field as well as possible.

Objective : successfully deploy a new brand of pizza restaurants, by creating ten units in one year.

We start by challenging the concept in relation to what is well and not so well present in this market niche. Then, we study the market in the immediate surroundings of the 10 sites throughout France to assess the opportunity of setting up the new restaurant brand. A face-to-face questionnaire with 400 of the brand customers is conducted and analyzed at checkout and at the entrance of shopping centers by NEO Engineering pollsters. Thanks to a close collaboration with the Directors of the shopping centers, the new concept of pizza is welcomed in locations that are quite different from one another. Positioning and orientation of the 10 pizza units are studied one after the other depending on the customer journey, flow of cars and visibility. Food and berevage offer responds to a manufacturing process of less than 5 minutes. Each location on site is specified on a map in the area of ​​influence near the shopping center.